Welcome To My Blog!

My name is Cozy, I’m a junior at the University of Minnesota studying architecture and I decided to start my own blog because I love blogs for their ability to share ideas and invite discussion about them.  I think I have some interesting things to say, and I hope you enjoy hearing what I think about various topics.  My blog is going to focus on architecture and scrapbooking, two things I really like, but I will also post other miscellaneous ideas.


Here is a picture of me at St John’s Abbey Church

I truly think architecture is just about the best major on the planet: it’s challenging and rewarding and allows a lot of my homework to be done by making things.  I have recently started thinking a lot about meaning in architecture, how non-architects see architecture, what I think about architectural practice and education, and many other topics.  In fact that’s one of the main reason I wanted to start this blog, I think architecture is ever exploring its place in culture and I hope this blog will be a platform for discussion of many different ideas.  I also hope to share some wisdom with younger architecture students, not that I know much so far, but I am learning.

I’m just starting to get into scrapbooking and I am always learning and exploring new tips, tricks and techniques I’d like to share with others.  I’ll post about searching for my personal style of scrapbooking, and ways to scrapbook on a college student’s budget.


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