Overcoming Jealousy

We were talking about jealousy in Studio the other day, and it really made me think about jealousy and how easily it can creep into my thoughts. Especially when I first started in architecture and studio, I would always be comparing my project to other people’s and I would get very jealous when I thought someone else’s project was better, cooler, more fun or more whatever than mine. Because everyone’s project seemed cooler than mine. As I spent more time, I realized that my project was just as cool as the ones I was jealous of, but I was too close to it to see that.
So I began to be aware of being jealous of other projects and looked for a way to turn my jealousy in to something positive and productive. So I began to see other projects as inspiration to push mine to be even better. And to encourage the projects that I really liked to help encourage others to be their best. Because when you turn jealousy into motivation, instead of having two people being petty, you have two people each making something amazing. Turns out, that’s way easier said than done.  But it’s something I have become really aware of lately and I’m consciously working to fight jealousy, because it’s so unnecessary.  A lot of times it helps me to realize I’m not competing with anyone, and to instead be happy that my friend has created something great.
Studio is not the only place where I experience jealousy.  I see friends posting about all the fun things they’re doing on Facebook and it can make my own life feel lame and boring.  But I realized that it does me no good to wish for a life like a Facebook “highlight reel” and instead to be genuinely happy for my friend’s achievements, because then I can be more positive about my own. And because the time and energy spent envying others, whether in studio or any other time, can be so much better spent encouraging others. Because I really think that if we stopped being jealous all the time, we would learn so much from each other and then the possibilities to create/make/write/do something amazing would be endless.


Cozy’s Declassified Studio Survival Guide: What to Keep in your Desk

With only one semester under my belt, I’m really in no place to give studio advice.  But I’m going to anyway, so humor me.  Maybe you find it helpful, and hopefully you can relate to the things I’ll discuss: like how to schedule your time, the best procrastination break ideas, and what to do when your professor destroys your model.


My studio desk last semester

In this installment of my survival guide, here are some of the (less obvious) things you will want in your studio desk.  Obviously you want extra exacto knife blades, and plenty of tacky glue.  But what else?

  1. Office Supplies: scissors, glue stick, double sided tape, normal tape.  For sketchbook creativity options, and just in case.  These are things I knew I needed but kept forgetting.
  2. Snacks! For all-nighters, and because 4 hours of studio is difficult when you’re hungry and have no money for the vending machine.
  3. Band-Aids, for exacto knife incidents (cough, Paul, cough cough)
  4. Hair Binders, so your hair doesn’t get caught in the bandsaw.
  5. Plastic Silverware, because I always forget to bring it with my lunch.
  6. Red Solo Cups.  Nope, not for break-time beer pong, but because they come in super handy during projects.  Need to hold 55 scale bolt connectors less than a centimeter big? Red Solo Cup.  Need to mix concrete? Red Solo Cup.  Tacky glue is leaking? Red Solo Cup.  Ordered pizza with a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper to share? Red Solo Cup(s).  I’m telling you: you’ll use them if you have them.

So as you prepare to move back into your studio, or just restock your supplies, don’t forget these essentials!  Any suggestions from fellow studio-goers?