Finding Inspiration

If you’re making a scrapbook page, you may be having trouble getting started.  You’ve printed your pictures, you have a box full of embellishments and a million pieces of patterned paper but you can’t figure out how you want your page to look.  Here’s a couple tips if you’re stuck with pictures and no idea what to do with them.

First, I recommend following Scrapbooking blogs.  I love, and  Look at their different layouts and  make note of what sticks out in the ones you like.  Maybe one has embellishments you love, a different one has a great title, and another has a great combination of colors.  When you recognize what you like in other’s layouts you can start to incorporate those design ideas into your own page.


Architecture Bookjacket Covers


Mosaic Art

Another way is to become a collector of inspiration: take pictures of things you find that you love.  On the left is a mosaic art piece I saw that I loved because of how it reflected light onto the wall next to it.  I also literally collect things I love, the picture on the right is a stack of book sleeves the architecture library was giving away.  I took home armfuls of bookjackets to be used in a future scrapbook layout or collage, or just because I liked how they were laid out.

Finally, you have to put that inspiration to good use.  Here’s a pillow I saw once when I was online:

I loved the cute design on it, so I turned it into the border of this scrapbook page.  Find something you love, put a new spin on it, and put it in your scrapbook!  But don’t overthink it.  Sometimes we let lack of inspiration get in the way of scrapbooking our memories, but if you keep track of the inspiration you see everyday, you’ll be documenting your life in no time.



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