Choosing Colors

Whenever I go to start a scrapbook page, I immediately become overwhelmed with the first choice I have to make: what colors should I use?  I tend to flip through paper and hold photos up against it to try to find what matches best, or pick one color and stick to that hue.  But when it comes to picking several different colors, I never know what to pick.  However I recently stumbled upon a method I really like: using paper patterns I’m drawn to and taking the color palette right from that.  In my most recent page I took a journaling card I loved and took the colors on it as inspiration.

Journaling Card

I knew I wanted to use this journaling card so I used the red, yellow, and teal as my color palette

IMG_0785This page featured pictures from a Jason Mraz concert I went to with Tim, so I wrote my favorite quote from a Jason Mraz song on the card.   The quote was  from “Sunshine Song” so I used sun embellishments throughout the page.  I also took the rounded corner style from the journaling card and used it on my photos.


Final Page

How do you pick colors for your layouts?




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