i love studio

This week was the ideal example of the reason I love studio.  We were working  on a project for a structures class we’re all in where each team builds 2 bridges and a cantilever, then we load them all with weights until they break.  The grading is a competition and you get points based on your bridge/cantilever being lightest and/or holding the most weight + beauty points.  So all of the teams are currently working on designs in studio and this project has brought about a beautiful combination of friendly advice between teams, closely guarded bridge design secrets, and of course, heated debates about which kind of glue will work best. The stress of making a bridge that can hold a weight, the long days and nights spent gluing, and the inevitable breaking of test models (like when we high-fived too near our model and it collapsed after holding the weight for several seconds), make a really energized atmosphere in studio.


I love it, because I love wandering around looking at my friends’ creativity, being excited when their structures work, and sharing their disappointments when it fails.  Studio has added so much to my college experience, and I wish every major had a similar thing.  It’s nice to be able to discuss what you are working on with like-minded people, to be able to wander around for inspiration, to just have a place where you can always find your peers.  And studio is the most fun on the busiest weeks, because there are impromptu pizza parties, and Frozen sing-alongs, and everything else that comes with putting 40 sleep deprived students together in one room.  So even though (and partly because) it’s pretty stressful and a little chaotic, studio has become my second home, and I’m gonna miss all of my classmates when we graduate.  Here’s hoping our bridges hold all the weight and some fun times when we break them.


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